Save your hard drive and your screen

Defragmenting your hard drive is a pain. Often the need for a defrag coincides with the need for system performance. We defrag when we notice that our computers are working slowly, and we usually notice a slow-down precisely when we are wanting our computers to work quickly. Defragging at such a crucial time compounds the problem. It can take multiple hours to cleanup a large hard drive. It was in such a defrag-induced downtime that the concept of hsDefragSaver was hit on. Why not have your computer defrag BEFORE a performance problem occurs? Better yet, why not defrag when the computer is idle? hsDefragSaver does precisely this. It is a screen saver and defragger combination, and it defrags your hard drive BEFORE you notice the need for it.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP or Later
  • Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or Greater
  • .NET framework v1.1 SP1 or Later

Release Notes

Microsoft, .NET, Windows Update, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Revision History

  • Maintenance Release: - Free to owners of v1.0.*.*
    • Updated the website links to reflect the new product home page
    • Added option to complete silent installations via command-line parameters
  • Maintenance Release: (7/28/2005) - Free to owners of v1.0.*.*
    • Added a "Check for Latest Versions" button to the About Tab of the Settings Dialog.
    • Fixed some timeout settings in the default installation to address service communication timeouts.
    • Defaulted the CPU Threshold to 100% in order to deal with some CPU-intensive screensavers. Users can override the settings as necessary in the Settings Dialog.
  • Maintenance Release: (6/20/2005) - Free to owners of v1.0.*.*
    • Fixed a bug in which settings stored in the registry were not loading (on some machines) and preventing the Options Dialog and Screen Saver from showing.
    • Updated the installer to better support default registry settings.
  • Maintenance Release: (6/10/2005) - Free to owners of v1.0.*.*
    • Improved defragmentation performance for NTFS volumes (~50% speed increase)
    • Improved analysis peformance for NTFS volumes (~50% speed increase)
    • Added free space defragmentation capability
    • Fixed defragmentation of compressed files issue
    • Improved volume defragmentation coverage
    • Introduced several defragmentation "Launch Conditions"
      • CPU Threshold
      • Fragmentation Threshold
      • Disk Use Threshold
      • Volume "Cool-down" Timer
    • Added admininstrative options for enforcing hsDefragSaver settings
    • Added ability to automate defragmentation as non-admin user (Admin login is still required for install)
    • Fixed a bug dealing with dialog resizing
    • Improved Options Dialog
    • Updated documentation
    • Improved Status Popup Summary
    • Fixed reporting of drives that did not defragment due to the fragmentation threshold
    • Fixed a trivial license information bug wherein the E-Mail and Phone fields were swapped.
    • Added a natural language "Action Summary" to the reporting system
    • Fixed a registry issue on a new install
  • Original Version Release: (4/7/2005)

Feature Matrix

Feature Full Version Free Version
Analyzes your hard drive
Defragments your hard drive
Runs as a screen saver when your computer is idle
Runs your favorite windows screensaver in the foreground
Comes with a default, customizable screensaver foreground
Uses a fragmentation threshold to determine when a defragmentation should run NEW!
Uses a CPU threshold to avoid interrupting important applications NEW!
Employs a disk use threshold to avoid monopolizing the hard drive NEW!
Has a "cool-down" timer to avoid overly-repetitive defragmentation NEW!
Allows non-Administrative accounts to automate volume maintenanceNEW!
Shuts down immediately at any keyboard input or mouse moves
Multi-Monitor Support
Has Transparency Mode
Usage restrictions: none 15 days